How to Go From “Semi-Successful” Business to “Industry Mogul” by Turning Crisis Into Opportunity
An online masterclass for established business owners looking to pivot their business, leverage this opportunity, and basically turn sh*t into sugar (or profit). 
Who This Is For:
This workshop is NOT for you if:
- You’re just starting out and don’t have a business yet

- You can’t afford to spend money on advertising or growing your biz

- You don’t believe that marketing is the lifeblood of your business

- You are in ecommerce

- You just have an idea
This workshop IS for you if:
- You have an established business that’s making money

- You want to discover how to profit from the current market conditions

- You have some cash to invest in marketing and growing your biz

- Your'e a coach, consultant or service-provider
Training Details
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Kim Barrett
Marketing Expert
International Speaker
2 Comma Club Winner
Best Selling Author
Here's what you'll discover
Common Mistakes to Avoid at ALL COSTS Right Now 
My team and I have managed tens of millions in ad spend. We’ve discovered a few things you’ll want to avoid at all costs right now if you want your marketing to work.
The “N.O.C.” Method for Rapid Marketing Traction
This is how we get our clients a minimum ROI of 15x. I even used this last weekend to fill a new program entirely via inbound DMs — no phone calls and no sales page.

Insider Hacks Direct From Facebook for Fast Profits
Because we manage a large amount of ad spend, we get a dedicated representative at Facebook who reveals all the juicy “insider hacks” that the public can’t know. Now I’ll reveal them to you.
  • Most people don't share the simple 3 step process you need to do BEFORE you even logon!
  • You're invited to uncover our proven process that our ads managers use EVERY DAY. 
  • In the current climate there are opportunities everywhere, and we share the insider info that most others don't know. 
  • Learn a system that ACTUALLY works and allows you to scale up your business.
  •   Most people will only show you one or two things when it comes to social media, and always leave the most important part out of the process!
  •   You're invited to uncover our simple system, that is responsible for generating hundreds of leads each and every day across 19 different industries. 
  •   Your business is already complex enough, which is why we designed our system so that it's user friendly and anyone can do it. 
  •   Learn a system that ACTUALLY works and allows you to scale up your business.
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"Kim is a gun when it comes to Facebook ads and generating leads and sales - if you get a chance to learn from him absolutely do it!"
Ben Simkin - "The $1.45 Billion Man" - the world’s number one Facebook marketer (Huffington Post)
"Kim helped me craft the copy for 1 Facebook ad, and now that Facebook Ad has been responsible for over $1 million in sales"
Jono 'j-z' Petrohilos 
- Fitness Specialist
"Kim Barrett is one of the few social media marketers out there that actually knows how to get results across multiple industries. No one I know has tested, tested and re-tested campaigns like he has and hence Your Social Voice are always the ones I recommend when faced with a market i'm not familiar with"
Liam Donnelly
Australia's most sought after Copywriter
"Kim and the team at your social voice offer an unparalleled service that will greatly enhance your natural therapy practice and take it to the next level. If you are keen to grow your therapy business and be booked solid with appointments, look no further."
International Institute For Complementary Therapist
Professional Membership And Insurance For Every Therapist
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In The Current Climate.
You MUST have a business... if you are just starting out this is not the training for you, or if you just have an 'idea'.

You MUST have a marketing budget. The strategies we share in this training are PAID marketing strategies.

You MUST have an understanding that you need to advertise and market your business, marketing is the life blood of your business!
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